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HR Upshot: The final result

HR Upshot is a consulting firm focused on investing in the acquisition, development and retention of human capital. The investment in people will consistently yield high results. Business. People. Results.

We specialize in the following service areas:


Could your business benefit from seasoned professionals in the acquisition and retention of your most valuable asset – which is your people? HR Upshot is a professional services firm with a network of experienced consultants capable of partnering with your business on human capital strategy that delivers results. Imagine having human resources business partners operating as external consultants with experiences from multiple industries and at all levels of business. Our clients benefit from our expertise in executing talent acquisition initiatives and collaboration on creating and implementing strategies designed to develop and retain the most productive talent within the organization.

As human capital management consultants we believe in client partnerships in order to gain the best possible outcome for the business. We will work to help build a mutually beneficial employee life cycle with your organization and its most critical resources. Our approach focuses on impacting three significant areas of any business: workforce, workplace, and marketplace. Management decisions involving the human capital of your business is key to these three components.

So if your challenge is talent acquisition or retention let’s talk. Just think of us as another resource you can rely on when addressing complex issues relating to managing an increasingly diverse workforce. See us as part of your team; as an investment in maximizing the human capital of your business.


Successful organizations invest in the development of its people and leverage it as a competitive advantage in the marketplace where their customers exist. At HR Upshot we partner with our clients on creating and executing training & development strategy for their workforce. We provide customized training solutions to develop the core competencies and skills required to be successful. Our team can deliver in-house training programs designed by the client, and we have the capability to design curriculum targeted to address the identified development needs.

We consult with clients to ensure training will deliver the desired resolution. In some cases, the resolve can be achieved through coaching methods and this is why we are strategic business partners that consider the broader picture. When training is the most effective approach, we have the capability to meet the need. Our team is seasoned and experienced trainers in soft skills covering a range of knowledge and skills. Some of the areas of training include:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Supervision
  • Interviewing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communications Skills
  • Product Knowledge

Career Coaching

Assistance with all phases of managing your career including the administration and analysis of career assessment tools, resume writing services, executive coaching and performance management. We help you manage your career before someone else does.

Are you in transition towards the next great opportunity on your career path? HR Upshot can assist you in navigating through the challenges of the job market. Building a successful career requires planning, organizing, direction, execution. It involves awareness of your interest, knowledge, skills and abilities relative to the type of career that brings you personal satisfaction. So whether you are in transition or not, HR Upshot can assist you with managing your career!

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